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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Historic Times: A Call to My Generation

I firmly believe we are living in historic times. I further believe that God is raising up a generation of young people, specifically those in the Christian, homeschool community, who will one day assume positions of leadership in all spheres of life: social, political, and spiritual. This is not a call for the complacent or the lackadaisical. This is not a call to those who are willing to lower their standards to meet the expectations of their culture. This is a call to the rebelutionary.

While these posts are usually made at the inception of a blog, even in the past 5 days my vision for this blog has become more clear. Announcing Conscientious Contemplation (Conscont)... a journal of thoughts, if you will, through which I seek to discipline myself to both contemplate the many things I observe and then to write my thoughts down. However, on an even deeper level, I would pray that God would use this blog, in close association with twin-blog (literally) The Rebelution, to mobilize Christian young people; causing them to 1.) wake up, and 2.) catch fire.

Suffice to say that I would greatly appreciate all of your feedback and support. I would even more greatly appreciate your joining ranks with Brett and I to make a mark for the kingdom of God. The beauty of technology is the ability to network. It is both of our hope that we would be able to network with high-quality, like-minded, and motivated young Christian bloggers and then draw from one another in order to firmly cement our existence in the online community, and to do so in such a way that the world sits up and takes notice. I pray that we might make the word 'rebelution' a "household-name" in the online blog community, not only as a group of godly young people, but as a reliable source of truth utilized to its full world-changing potential. None of of us, with our limited schedules and busy lives, can be more than a drop in the ocean-sized bucket of the internet community on our own... But together, unified in Christ and through His grace, I believe we can fill a gap that needs to be filled.

This blog challenges you to throw off the shackles of what society expects of you. The teen years are not a vacation from responsibility. They are the training ground of future leaders who dare to be responsible now.
Let's start a rebelution.

Notice: In case I have not emphasized it enough, here is another link to Brett's blog. Be sure to read his first post, as well as his current series 'The World is Flat', which has sparked an interesting discussion.

Also, be sure to check out the other 'like-minded blogs' in the sidebar to your right, as well as the awesome resource that is ProLifeBlogs.com. On that same theme, be sure to support Conscont by clicking here, clicking the button that says 'Poll', and giving 'Conscientious Contemplation' your highest marks (the higher, the better). Thank you all!