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Sunday, August 07, 2005

What's in a name?

The title of this blog is (quite noticeably) 'Conscientious Contemplation'. However, due to the fact that conscientiouscontemplation.blogspot.com is a somewhat long, awkward, and hard-to-spell URL, the web address is not as settled. Here is where you (my readers, if there are any) come in. Please leave a comment and voice your preference (see choices below). Bear in mind that I am completely open to new suggestions.



http://consconte.blogspot.com (pronounced: kon-skon-tay)


http://consci-conte.blogspot.com (pronounced: kon-shee-kon-tay)
http://consciconte.blogspot.com (see above)
http://conscont.blogspot.com (pronounced: kon-skont)


Thank you all! Soli Deo Gloria!

Update: For the sake of making the URL as short and memorable as possible, despite my attachments to 'consconte', I have chosen to go with 'conscont' (first four letters of 'conscientious', first four letters of 'contemplation'). Obviously, not many people voted (you can still let me know if you disagree with my decision)... But that's primarily due to the fact that I haven't told anyone about the blog yet. Actually, I soon realized that it would be helpful to decide upon the URL before I told people to check it out, so a quick decision was called for.